Live Today as Though it’s Your Last… Every Day!

I've had plenty of experiences with cancer. My father died from it. My grandfathers died from it (as far as I know). My sister had it as a kid and lost a lung and a half to it. My clients have had it - I even had a client die from it. I've had friends who had it before we met. I've had friends who had to go through chemo to get rid of theirs. Three of my girl friends have had to go through chemo and lose all of their hair.

One of my friends has gone through chemo twice so far and is expected to go through round 3. She has had a giant tumor removed already and had to do the bald thing. She's recently revealed she was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. It's fatal essentially and the doctor has given her 6-12 months to live.

She revealed all of this to her friends in a facebook post. It was a fantastic read. She explained what was wrong with her and that she wanted to live the remainder of her life to the fullest and asked her friends to come up with one thing they would do if they only had 182 1/2 days to live. She plans to put together a list of these things and do them all...

This is where I stepped in. I immediately wanted this to actually be a thing. I wanted this to snowball to the point she couldn't escape her own plan. I knew that if it were me saying these things and a few of my friends just said "that's cool," or "that's the spirit," I would lose interest and just go on living my life as I do now - which is fine, but not extraordinary. I want the rest of her life to be extraordinary.

Max and CrystalWho is she to me? She's someone I dated. We went from romance to no chance and then from the ashes of our failed relationship came a friendship. She's one of the coolest people I've met to be honest - in many ways. Knowing her has been an experience I won't forget.

CrystalWho is she? She's loud and intense. She's in your face. She is bottled fun. She's sexy and sweet and friendly. She would give you the shirt off her back. She's a fire-breathing, ass-kicking, obnoxious, balls to the wall, loving, caring, statuesque, fun, sexy vixen. She's a rocketship headed for the moon.

Anyway... I think she deserves good things, so I've created and hosted a website at for her to post her adventures as she attempts to complete all of the items on her Bucket List. I'm hoping that people keep posting things for her to do in case she can't die until they are all done. If things keep getting added to the list, she won't ever die. Or at least she'll have a rad life while she's still alive.

The thing that makes this story so good is that it's inspirational. It should make everyone want to live their lives as though they only have today. I mean, we all know this and we all want to, but it's different when you see someone actually doing it.

That's my hope for the website anyway. Grandiose vision I suppose - still no reason to not try. I showed the website to a client today and they decided they wanted to pitch in, so they opted to cross off an item from her list. They set up a spa day and dinner at the closest thing we have to a 5 star restaurant here in the Valley. She'll be going on Sunday and posting about it subsequently. I'm looking forward to it.

Please visit her website and comment or donate or just come away with something for yourself. Subscribe if you want and post the link to your friends and friends of your friends. Stumble it or reddit or whatever else you need to do.

p.s. fuck cancer.

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Who’s a Pretty Princess? You Are!!

Apparently, we spend the most dollars on looking good... almost. I'm not entirely surprised, but there are a few surprises on this list. Check this out from an article I found:

Top-spending cities for personal care: What we're paying to keep healthy, fit, and looking good

Healthcare, Personal Care 07:05 PM, Monday, January 24, 2011 Vote this up
City, State Average spend
Austin, TX $143
Scottsdale, AZ $137
Washington, DC $124
Nashville, TN $120
Arlington, VA $115
San Francisco, CA $111
Dallas, TX $109
Boston, MA $106
Tucson, AZ $104
Plano, TX $100
San Antonio, TX $99
San Jose, CA $97
Irvine, CA $90
Madison, WI $89
Los Angeles, CA $88
Hartford, CT $88
Tampa, FL $88
Seattle, WA $87
Bakersfield, CA $87
New Haven, CT $85
Durham, NC $85
Cincinnati, OH $84
Reno, NV $84
New Orleans, LA $84
Omaha, NE $83
Honolulu, GHI $83
Chicago, IL $83
Baton Rouge, LA $83
Raleigh, NC $82
Henderson, NV $82
New York, NY $81
Virginia Beach, VA $77
Charlotte, NC $77
Oklahoma City, OK $75
Oakland, CA $74
Columbus, OH $73
Lubbock, TX $73
Providence, RI $72
Denver, CO $72
Corpus Christi, TX $71
Chandler, AZ $71
Albuquerque, NM $70
Birmingham, AL $70
Wichita, KS $69
Minneapolis, MN $68
Milwaukee, WI $67
St. Petersburg, FL $67
Houston, TX $67
Portland, OR $67
Atlanta, GA $66
St. Paul, MN $66
Colorado Springs, CO $66
Phoenix, AZ $65
Indianapolis, IN $65
Miami, FL $65
Orlando, FL $64
Louisville, KY $63
St. Louis, MO $63
Chesapeake, VA $63
Jacksonville, FL $63
North Las Vegas, NV $63
Fort Wayne, IN $62
Newark, NJ $62
Lexington, KY $62
Las Vegas, NV $62
Kansas City, MO $61
Norfolk, VA $61
U.S. Average $60
Sacramento, CA $59
Greensboro, NC $59
Fresno, CA $58
Lincoln, NE $58
Fort Worth, TX $58
Riverside, CA $57
Jersey City, NJ $57
Rochester, NY $56
Winston-Salem, NC $55
San Diego, CA $55
Santa Ana, CA $54
Arlington, TX $54
Aurora, CO $53
El Paso, TX $52
Long Beach, CA $52
Memphis, TN $51
Akron, OH $51
Pittsburgh, PA $49
Philadelphia, PA $49
Mesa, AZ $49
Anchorage, AK $48
Baltimore, MD $47
Boise, ID $47
Buffalo, NY $46
Tulsa, OK $44
Cleveland, OH $44
Stockton, CA $43
Toledo, OH $42
Garland, TX $38
Anaheim, CA $38
Chula Vista, CA $28
Hialeah, FL $24
Detroit, MI $18

Methodology: Bundle data comes from the U.S. government, from anonymous and aggregated transactions from Citi, and third party data providers. The average of the 12 months (July 2009 to June 2010) was ranked in order by the city with the highest spending. Here's a complete summary of how we highlight the data and what's included in each category.

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Real-Life Reno 911

This one had me rolling... a man is pulled over while driving a hydraulic lift skyjack down the street on his way back from a beer run while on the job. Hilarity ensues...

"Come git me!" ... "Maybe I'll come down... maybe I won't..."

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Moolala Update

I got this email today from Moolala - the Groupon type of deal site that I wrote about last week - thought I would share:

Wow!  You are amazing.

Two short weeks ago we launched Moolala and the response has been absolutely phenomenal. If you’ve not done so recently, click here and sign up.

Interesting Moolala factoid…
More than a third of our members have joined via a link shared on Facebook.  If you’ve not shared Moolala on Facebook yet, you’re missing out! We've updated Moolala's Facebook share tool. Be sure to check it out.

We have a new favorite member…
Lori Byerly has more than 750 people in her second level. Amazing job, Lori! You win the first prize from our Member Experience Team – a new Amazon Kindle.

We’ve got another Kindle to give away…
Any member who adds at least five people to the second level of their PayMatrix between now and noon CST this Friday (January 14th, 2011) will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon Kindle. So, share your referral link on Facebook and Twitter and use our “Invite Friends Now” tool.

You’ve been asking lots of questions…
The number one question we’re hearing from our members is “When do daily deals launch?”

We're working REALLY hard to get the best daily deals to you asap! We don't have an exact date yet, but many members are using this time to grow their PayMatrix so they see the greatest benefit when deals do go live. The more people that get referred to the site, the faster we'll be able to unleash the deals!

Our Daily Deals are truly gonna rock. You have our word on that.

Until next time,

Jon Dale

for the Moolala Member Experience Team

P.S. We thought you might enjoy this video we uploaded today:


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MOOLALA = Groupon on steroids (totally new!)

MooLaLa is launching next week - It's a Groupon sort of daily deals site that adds the ability for you to not only save money by getting sweet coupons, but it also allows you earn money when you or your friends who sign up under you also do. It's from the founder of and

My referral link is above so you can sign up and then you will want to post your own link on facebook and twitter so you earn money as well. This is really the first of its kind. Other Groupon style sites like LivingSocial may have a twist to them as well, but none of them currently allow you to earn money when your friends get a deal.

The founder wants there to be a decent amount of sign-ups before the official launch. He doesn't really need a new project at this point since the ones he's already got going are enough to have him living comfortably. However, if enough people sign up, this will become a reality and will surely be Groupon but better.

Here's the video - looked like a Multi-Level Marketing sort of thing to me when my girlfriend showed it to me, but a lot less icky than traditional MLM. As someone who generally poo-poos on MLM before you even get the full sentence out, I can say that this one is different and I can get behind it. I mean, everyone likes free money and discounts on shit.

Sign Up

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Fun with iPhone.

Here's a blog to visit if you like to laugh:

It's been blowing up for the last few months. I'm jealous I didn't think of it first. This is the new FML. Probably funniest for iPhone owners given the quirky nature of its auto-correct feature.

The site is simply screen shots from the iPhone messaging app of embarrassing or awkward conversations due to the iPhone's auto-correct feature that seems to have a mind of its own. Even if you're spelling a word correctly, iPhone will assume you meant to type something else.

Results should cause laughter. Content for this site should be relatively endless...

Feel free to post your vaginas in the comments below.

FAVORITES! Not vaginas! Damn you!

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Veetle – Broadcast live streaming video in HD

Veetle - Broadcast live streaming video in HD.

This is a super-fast live streaming internet TV thingy that you can use with your phone as well.

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