Miami Vice

I was never a Miami Vice watcher, but I remember it being a huge influence on pop culture when it was out. It spawned a "look" and dress code to go along with it of white casual blazers over pink t-shirts and 5-day facial hair.

One of the first cassettes I ever owned was the Miami Vice Soundtrack. I've been searching for it for the last few years because it was so awesome. That's about the only thing about Miami Vice that's awesome. I thought the show was pretty boring. Part of that could be because I was a kid and more interested in kid things.

I'm sitting here recovering from last night and watching the new Miami Vice movie. I'd change the channel, but the remote is all the way over there. This movie is a pile of shit. Just boring conversation after boring conversation interspersed with confusing over-complicated storyline and the occasional action scene. Mostly it is a lot of broody people scowling at each other.

That's not really a review so much as a description. My advice is to avoid.

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