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Merry Christmas… Now, Get OUT!

I've been moved for a few months now, and I've been in active foreclosure on my house for like a year and a half now... so it comes as no surprise that ASC/Wells Fargo would finally foreclose on me. However... what sort of dicks are they that they kept postponing it after I moved out and didn't ask them to; then finally when I feel like they might be willing to work with me on a short sale to spare my credit, they foreclose anyway days after I provide them with all the paperwork, offers and hoop jumping? They are dicks. This was 2 days before Christmas no less.

Anyway - yesterday, I got a notice in the mail confirming that I had authorized my realtor to talk to them on my behalf. It's a little late I think. It made me chuckle a little.

I had already pretty much abandoned everything I left in that house - there was a bunch of furniture and computer equipment and assorted crap that I've collected over the years that I just didn't want to lug around with me anymore. I had pretty much said my goodbyes to it all. Now that I know I can't go back into the house, something about that old crap is pulling me back. Like I want it all of a sudden. Oh well.

The worst part about all of this is the second mortgage on the place. They are going to be bothering me for the next 10 years I guess. They've already taken to calling after 10pm and getting nasty with me on the phone.

I suppose since I've had immaculate credit for over 15 years, might as well have fucked credit for the next 15. *sigh*

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