MOOLALA = Groupon on steroids (totally new!)

MooLaLa is launching next week - It's a Groupon sort of daily deals site that adds the ability for you to not only save money by getting sweet coupons, but it also allows you earn money when you or your friends who sign up under you also do. It's from the founder of and

My referral link is above so you can sign up and then you will want to post your own link on facebook and twitter so you earn money as well. This is really the first of its kind. Other Groupon style sites like LivingSocial may have a twist to them as well, but none of them currently allow you to earn money when your friends get a deal.

The founder wants there to be a decent amount of sign-ups before the official launch. He doesn't really need a new project at this point since the ones he's already got going are enough to have him living comfortably. However, if enough people sign up, this will become a reality and will surely be Groupon but better.

Here's the video - looked like a Multi-Level Marketing sort of thing to me when my girlfriend showed it to me, but a lot less icky than traditional MLM. As someone who generally poo-poos on MLM before you even get the full sentence out, I can say that this one is different and I can get behind it. I mean, everyone likes free money and discounts on shit.

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