Sensationalizing the Mundane

Woke up about 30 minutes to noon today. Spent the following 12 hours on the couch watching Netflix instant downloads and clearing shit off my DVR. I've not showered. I'm still in my boxers. I ordered a pizza and ate half of it - the other half is still boxed and within kicking distance on the ottoman.

Make no mistake... this has been the most epic nothing weekend of my life.

Yesterday, the cat got a clean littlerbox, a new bag of food, and a patch of grass to chew on. In the past two days, I've done enough research on cell phones to qualify me to write a book about them - or at least a pamphlet. I was more active on facebook in the last two days than I've been in the last year.

I'd like to see you be so productive just laying about in your underwear and filth in front of a television and social networking informational diarrhea feed.

Once again, I have not much to say. I suppose I'm trying to kick-start my writing muscles again. It's like going to the gym for the first time in a long time - I'm a little out of shape and tire too easily at the machines. Perhaps I'll keep it up with a little encouragement. I wonder if I became less interesting because people stopped paying attention, or if people stopped paying attention because I became less interesting.

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