Blasts from the Past…

I've been migrating my old blog entries from Myspace to here since it's only a matter of time before they shut down completely. What's going on now is the investors got all pissed and said - "look, let's fucking just get as much money out of this shitty site as we can off anyone who is still looking at it before we lose everyone."

The place is a clusterfuck. Imagine the most bloated and hideous 13 year old girl's myspace page and amplify that times 10 and throw in a huge budget. It's a corporate executive's idea of what myspace users probably like. This corporate exec looked at a handful of horrendous tweenager myspace pages and said "let's just do this, but with more flash."

Then when the developers were done, they all slit their wrists and the corporate exec took a shit on the keyboard and said, "there... done. Now it's perfect."

So anyway - my old blogs can be found if you look under the imported blog section. I'm only coming up on Fall of 2009 and I have to go all the way to 2003... I've been a busy blogger all these years. There are some real classics in there. You should check it out if you like my writing.

I'm gonna miss my stats though - Most of my entries had more views each than this entire site has had since I put it up. Some had more comments than I've had views here. I'll just have to keep writing and hopefully I'll eventually post something interesting enough. I miss you - the readers.

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