Moolala Update

I got this email today from Moolala - the Groupon type of deal site that I wrote about last week - thought I would share:

Wow!  You are amazing.

Two short weeks ago we launched Moolala and the response has been absolutely phenomenal. If you’ve not done so recently, click here and sign up.

Interesting Moolala factoid…
More than a third of our members have joined via a link shared on Facebook.  If you’ve not shared Moolala on Facebook yet, you’re missing out! We've updated Moolala's Facebook share tool. Be sure to check it out.

We have a new favorite member…
Lori Byerly has more than 750 people in her second level. Amazing job, Lori! You win the first prize from our Member Experience Team – a new Amazon Kindle.

We’ve got another Kindle to give away…
Any member who adds at least five people to the second level of their PayMatrix between now and noon CST this Friday (January 14th, 2011) will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon Kindle. So, share your referral link on Facebook and Twitter and use our “Invite Friends Now” tool.

You’ve been asking lots of questions…
The number one question we’re hearing from our members is “When do daily deals launch?”

We're working REALLY hard to get the best daily deals to you asap! We don't have an exact date yet, but many members are using this time to grow their PayMatrix so they see the greatest benefit when deals do go live. The more people that get referred to the site, the faster we'll be able to unleash the deals!

Our Daily Deals are truly gonna rock. You have our word on that.

Until next time,

Jon Dale

for the Moolala Member Experience Team

P.S. We thought you might enjoy this video we uploaded today:


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