I Used To Be Fat

Mtv has been trying to "serious" up their programming. They gave up on music a long time ago, but their "reality" tv shows had progressively gotten less and less real. The Real World was very innovative and paved the way for reality tv. It was an amazing achievement and so well done.

Over the years, Mtv reality has devolved into scripted reality about convoluted dating shows, fake car remodels, and silly parent vs kid shows aimed squarely at dumb teenagers. The problem is that teenagers aren't so dumb anymore. Nobody is really dumb anymore - not if you have internet access. You're only as slow as your connection speed.

Lately, Mtv has been releasing more drama-filled shows with more edge and less Xzibit. I'll admit I've been tuning out for years as I'm not their demographic - I'm too old for VH1 now I guess. However, Jersey Shore has pulled me back in - I'm a sucker for trashy reality shows. I'm not gonna lie. It looks like they are adding some scripted dramas too like the remake of Skins.

A recent addition is I Used To Be Fat - a show about fat teenagers who spend their summer between High School and their first day of College working out and dieting with a trainer trying to not be so fat. It's a plight I can identify with as I've struggled with my weight my whole life. At least with my perception of my weight. I've always hovered between lean and about 10-20lbs too heavy.

Right now, I'm around 20-30lbs more than I was when I felt thin and good. I don't really know because I'm afraid to weigh myself... I know my pants are fitting snug. I haven't been to the gym in a good long while and I have been eating crap. It's my fault. I've always had a fairly fast metabolism and could steer clear of being a whale even though I ate like one. I'm getting older and I have to work harder... at least I have to work at it now.

I'm frustrated at these shitty teenagers on this show though because they are so lazy and fat. Teenagers should have the metabolism of field mice. It's good that shows like this exist... it's like Biggest Loser without having to wait an entire season to see results. Instant gratification. Also - this sort of show will possibly shame or provoke kids to be skinnier and more fit.

We need it.

Our government wants to beef us up on corn and expects us to exercise more to cope with it. We're expected to eat better when it costs more to eat less. It's more expensive to eat fewer calories. The reality is we live sedentary lives and consume almost nothing but garbage.

Tonight... I'm eating this bag of Gummi Bears in ironic protest to the government's contribution to the fats of our nation.

This one goes out to the fats and the superfats... omnomnom...

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