The Defense of Marriage Act is Totally Gay

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was passed in 1996 by Bill Clinton. It basically provisions that the Federal Government only recognizes marriages between a man and a woman and that same-sex marriages do not carry their weight outside of their State of origin.

Obama recently declared DOMA as unconstitutional. This means that all bets are off. This means that the national distraction of the gay marriage battle can begin again while the leaders continue to corrupt and bankrupt our country. Oh joy. What it really means is that individual States can no longer use this law to disregard a marriage between same sex partners that was done in another State.

I'm fine with the end of DOMA. I think straghts have fucked up marriage just fine on their own... try defending against them. Half of all marriages in the US end in divorce as it is.

Let's have a look at marriage. Some describe it as a piece of paper. Others see it for the ceremony and the big event. Some see a family or a union. Others see religion and tradition. A few still associate it with romance. The importance of marriage varies from person to person to a spectacular degree. There are as many definitions and meanings for Marriage as there are meanings of the word Love or Stress or Failure or Family.

Few know that marriage is technically still legally binding and recognized simply by declaring you are married and living as such. You can actually just walk outside your door one day with your live-in lover and say, "we're married," and it is so.

Of course, it isn't that easy, is it. There's paperwork. You have to change names and file taxes differently. You have to get bloodwork and licenses and whatnot. The blood they will test for diseases that may be passed along to children as well as for disease and in some cases to make sure you aren't brother and sister so you don't have flipper babies. I can't figure out my own fucking taxes let alone figure it out when there are wife and kids involved.

Marriage is often tied to church and religion - being wed under god and all of that fire and brimstone. Girls dream of the big white wedding gown, the flowers, the invitations, the reception, and so on. Many start planning their weddings from the time they learn what one is as a little girl. Men couldn't give two shits. They start planning their wedding from the moment they wake up on the morning of their wedding day.

The gowns and flowers and showers and parties and decorations and whatnot is all pretty flamboyantly gay really. Check out a Gypsy wedding - turbo gay, but for straights. I've seen plenty of non-traditional weddings too. Maury Povitch or Jerry Springer will have hermaphrodite hooker weddings and trannies tying the knots. It has probably gone a long way toward the devaluation of the institution of marriage in the eyes of the general public.

Remember, the general public watches Fox News and goes to church and hates gay people. Middle America. It also represents everyone else - people who don't have jobs and are able to sit at home all day long watching Jerry Springer.

Gay people need to be distinguished from the general population because it matters how they have sex and with who. It's really fucking important. I don't know why, but it is. They write laws about it all the time. I'm straight and I have a hard time getting even close friends interested in who and what I put my dick in.

The acts performed during gay sex are still illegal in many areas. Many things I do regularly during my straight sex are most definitely illegal. I've never been busted for it though. I've also never been beaten up over it, so my perspective is admittedly going to have to come with a side of salt grain.

I don't think gay sex leads to anything but more gay sex. It seems like some people feel like gay sex leads to sex with animals or relatives or children or furniture (that's a thing). It doesn't. I will always be willing to debate whether or not one can be born gay though. People who get off having sex with balloons weren't born that way, and neither were people who only like fat people or blonds or midgets.

People like what they like and that should be enough... they shouldn't need "born with it" as an excuse. In fact, if they are able to prove with science (and no, I don't think the current scientific studies prove such a thing), then people who don't agree with homosexuality will lobby to get it listed as a genetic defect since our only real function on this earth according to nature is to make more of ourselves, and gay people aren't going to be reproducing anything but orgasms inside each other.

It's just asking for trouble. I think the angle should be "stop caring what I do with my dick (or vagina or mouth)."

A friend of mine (a straight married man) and I argued about the gay marriage thing back during the big Proposition 8 issue in California. I asked him why he was in favor of the gay marriage ban, and he told me it all came down to taxes. He felt like it would open up the door for CEOs of companies to marry each other for tax purposes. We didn't see eye to eye, but I can understand where he was coming from. Roads were made for cars - start allowing people to ride whatever they want on them, and nobody will be going anywhere.

The problem isn't that gay people want to get married. The problem is marriage has too many perks, too many rules, too many laws, too many functions... it's archaic. It needs a reboot.

Marriage needs to be a lot less cool. They need to separate Unions, Weddings, and Marriages into different things. There should be a marriage type that is just for people having kids. There should be a marriage type that is just for people marrying inanimate objects. There should be one for people who love each other and want to live together as a couple "forever."

Gay people should be able to have weddings - big flamboyant parade weddings with horses dressed up as unicorns as ring-bearers. Maybe it just shouldn't mean exactly the same thing as when a man and woman marry... I mean, they aren't exactly a man and a woman. Why should it mean the same thing?

Nothing about gay has anything to do with subversive deviant fetishes or behavior. These things are mutually exclusive. People are just by nature afraid of things that aren't like themselves. Fear comes from ignorance. This is very basic and fundamental.

Part of me feels like anyone should be able to do whatever they want and "who gives a fuck." The other part of me feels like we should require people to apply to get a license to have a child together after a review period of their relationship and their income and health profiles. The older I get though, the less I care about what other people do. I rarely look at the news anymore. I also have a life-long appreciation for chaos.

I value my personal freedoms - the fact that I tend to walk the line rather than color outside of them doesn't speak to that, but with the Patriot Act and the shit you have to go through at the airport now, I'm definitely a fan of freedom and I can feel us losing a little bit of it every single day. We simply give it up willingly. It's disturbing to me. Perhaps that's why I fight for the little things and take stands that would seem silly to other people.

Bottom line is - I get it. I wouldn't want anyone telling me what I can or can't do or who I can or can't do it with - it would just make me want to do the opposite. I'd say, "fuck that!" and do what I want whether anyone recognized it or not.

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  1. All this rigamarole, “I want to be married too”, is just fake hearfelt BS. And not a single sane person really cares about gays ruining the ‘sanctity’ of marriage. It mostly comes down to tax benefits (there are a few other benefits too, but that’s the biggie). I pay even more taxes for being married, so the government can go to hell. Don’t give any benefits for marriage and kids so people can pay less taxes and get more freebies. It just makes dumb poor lazy people want to get married and squeeze out as much kids as possible. Tax everyone the same percentage, no matter what, so we can shutdown the IRS.

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  2. How about we move toward a consumption tax rather than an income tax? It would put an end to the super-rich avoiding taxes and it would result in people being taxed according to lifestyle.

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