Amazing Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Craig (aka Naughty James) is a photographer I hang around with on the internet. He made some Yorkshire Pudding and posted a photo of it along with a recipe. Here is the recipe as he wrote it:


makes about 24......

get a Pyrex measuring jug, (or similar) and break eight eggs into it, and pour into a large mixing bowl. give it a whisk, and then add as much (by volume) general purpose flour to the eggs and give it a vigorous whisk until all the lumps are out. you can sieve it at this point if required.

leave standing on the side for 30 mins, and at the end add a splash of cold water, and mix again.

pre heat your oven to the highest possible heat (i used 440 f)

meanwhile take a cupcake tray or similar and place a pea sized amount of lard (or beef dripping) in each section.

place in the oven and wait until the lard starts to smoke.

remove the tray and fill the spaces in the tray 3/4 with the mixture.

quickly replace the filled tray into the oven and leave until they have risen and browned, they should be crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

easy peasy and yummy!

don't forget the beef and onion gravy!

This was added by robche:

You need to emphasize how important the heat is though - if you can handle it just slide the trays half out of the oven - the batter should bubble as it hits the fat or you'll end up with thick, soggy bottoms.

Also I'd add to NOT OPEN THE OVER FOR AT LEAST 15 MINUTES! treat them like a souffle. If you want them crispy all through then, after the 15mins, turn the oven to half heat and cook through for 10 minutes.

Gordon Ramsay thought they were "beautiful." Craig is from Yorkshire, so I'm sure he knows his shit. I'm going to have to tackle this one. If you do as well, post your findings in the comments.

This recipe has also been posted on Equal Table

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