House Hunting and Car Selling

I was hanging out at my friend's house last month and I noticed a sign on a house one over from him. On a whim, I decided to call - I ended up being invited to take a look at it by the realtor. It turned out to be pretty much perfect. Great location - secure house - good price - good size - pool - garage - big kitchen - security - not on busy street - close to freeway.

I should've jumped on it because I found out today that it isn't available anymore. The lender decided to go with someone else around the same time I submitted my application. Sucks so bad. Wish I had thrown money at it or something when I had the chance. It's just that my current situation was still up in the air.

That's the thing too - I still don't know. My lender is a fuckstick asshole. At least it keeps me on my toes.

I may be selling my Mustang. It's really just another thing that is keeping me from being free to move about. I don't have much freedom to move around with all the stuff I have. So much stuff. I've had the Mustang since I was 15... over 20 years. It was my first car and I had hoped to keep it forever I guess. Now it just sits in my garage collecting dust. I haven't been able to drive it in years. The gasoline in it is now varnish. The hoses are now probably cracked or turned to dust.

Change is scary - especially since I've been so sedentary. It's necessary.


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