The End of an Era. Farewell Childhood.

As I was clearing out the garage today, someone drove by and stopped to ask me if I wanted to sell my Mustang and how much I would take for it. I shot back 6500. He asked if he could have a look.

It was all very random. I'm sure if I ever spent much time in the garage with the door open, this would be more common. It's a beautiful car.

He wanted to buy it for his daughter for her birthday. She is turning 16, and this would be her first car. I told him it would need some work to get it running again, but not much. I also told him that I have had it since I was 15 also.

We talked it over for awhile, and settled on a price. He gave me some cash on the spot to secure the deal until he comes up with the rest. I almost started crying, but managed to choke it back. I sobbed after he drove off though. He almost had me when he said I could come visit it and drive it sometime.

I know his daughter will love it. He told me that instead of posters of boys or pop stars on her walls, she has posters of Mustangs. She will love it. I just hope she doesn't crash the thing. I loved the car. It's just time to let it go... along with everything else I own.

I collected some items I've always associated with the car and placed them inside. I put the spare back in the trunk and got my sets of keys together. She's gonna get a keychain with a Batman head on it. I'm going to compose a letter to his daughter telling her a little bit about the car's history and some advice. I plan to tell her to just hang on to the note and read it again years later.

She (whoever she is) will enjoy it every day driving it around more than I would in a year while it sits in my garage on the waiting list of projects I plan on getting to.

I think my Mustang will be happy. Wheels spinning. Engine roaring. Wind in its hair.

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