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And a Fistful of Meds

Haven't taken my robot pills in awhile. It's been well over a month. The pharmacy keeps calling me to tell me my prescription is ready. I ignore them, but it seems like they're better at getting in touch with me than my mortgage company is. They should team up.

Speaking of mortgages... the bank still hasn't foreclosed on my house. I'm already moved into a new place (a rental house), and they just keep postponing my foreclosure even though I've given up working with them completely. It took them over a year and a half to get my loan modification completed. Due to their stupidity, they ended up getting me disqualified from the Home Affordable Modification program that president "let's just make more money" put together. Once I pointed out their error, they redid the modification in-house and instead of lowering my monthly and making my loan actually affordable, they raised my interest rate, the amount owed, and even my monthly payment was upped by nearly 400 bucks.

Not very affordable.

I ended up just saying "fuck you" and walking away from the house finally. I was upside down on it by over 100k - super annoying since I've lived there for a decade.

Working with the lender has been a nightmare, but now that I've moved out and don't give a shit, they are being extra helpful trying to get me to work it out. They should be - they should've been this whole time - the place looks like I moved out dragging a sledge hammer behind me and then a bunch of crackhead squatters moved in and used it to store their old garbage. I didn't try to leave the place a disaster, but I also wasn't moving out trying to keep it nice and clean for the next owners.

Another side effect of my leaving the old place behind is less stress. I figured it would be a good time to stop taking meds. I figured I don't really need them anymore. So the highs and the lows are starting to come back. My erratic behavior is also returning... you know, the usual - jumping out of moving cars, self sabotage, pushing people away, saying "fuck this" and flipping over tables for no real reason. At the same time though, I've been feeling things... happy being one of them. The last few weeks have been good at work. I've been in a better mood and have been outperforming just about everyone else in my department. I need to stay on top of my game.

I still have shit to do at the new place - unpacking and selling stuff and whatnot. My next mission though is to try and have this ugly pickup truck with a flatbed trailer attached loaded with a port-a-potty permanently parked in front of my new place removed.

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