That’s It! No More Candy! … Starting Tomorrow.

I've been getting kinda fat. No exercise and shoving fistfuls of gummy bears in my mouth every night will do that to you. I haven't gotten so fat I have to buy new pants or anything yet, but there are more than a few articles of clothing I don't fit into right now. I'm fortunate in that I can eat like crap and not become an obese whale. I need to not abuse it though.

I was going to rely on jacket weather to hide my chub, but it looks like I'm going to have to be a little more proactive about it this time. The girlfriend ordered some of that HGC or HCG or HGH or HELL or whatever it's called. She wants us to inject ourselves with this hormone juice so we can eat only 500 calories per day and be cool with it. Everything I've heard is telling me that 500 calories won't be enough regardless of what we do. Still - I'm pretty sure I'll drop weight if I can eat only 500 calories per day. I managed to do that years back - it was the break up diet. I lost about 30 pounds.

This new HCG diet tells you to have two loading days before starting... these days you're supposed to binge on fatty food and sugar and whatever. I think I've been loading since she and I started talking about it. I just ate half an 18 inch pizza. I feel like a fat. Hope these crazy hormone drugs arrive from whatever country she ordered them before I have to buy new pants.

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  1. I lost 85 lbs in 90 days, Ed lost 60 lbs in 60 days… It works. I am going back on when the holidays are over and am gonna drop my last 40 ish lbs…

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