Picture Perfect Wedding

I somehow ended up with my parents' wedding album. They were married on 9/11/1961. They divorced decades later and my father passed away a decade or so after that. It took them a long time to realize they may not have been perfect for each other - to deliberately and wildly understate it.

The photos were taken by my grandmother on my father's side. She was semi-pro at it back when you had to actually know what you were doing in order to even get something that looks halfway decent. She had won awards and produced some amazing photos. Someday I will post some of those if I can dig them up.

I inherited a box full of old photos... lots of magic in that box. I inherited my grandmother's old camera equipment as well and perhaps also her penchant for capturing things on film. I've recently purchased semi-pro digital equipment and I hope to be a fraction as good as she was.

I've always felt like these were amazing photos and that it was a shame nobody would ever really get to see them. Clearly, I wasn't around when these were taken, but it definitely captures a moment... a great moment. This set conjures up the words "classic" and "traditional" for me. My mother looked so beautiful, and my father so handsome. They look happy and in love.

These days, weddings don't often seem to get captured on film quite like this. I guess it's because back then, everything was in black and white. It was also back when weddings were "traditional" and meant something. People stayed married even when they didn't really like each other. It pretty much always had to do with ritual and god and all of that voodoo. Today, not quite so much.

Anyway, I've wanted to share these here for nearly a year now and I'm finally getting around to posting them. Enjoy.

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